Veronika, Manager B&B Kalkmarkt Suites, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our B&B suffered from a severe work overload. We had almost every day a dozen of double bookings, unsatisfied guests, frustrated staff  and lost revenue. Interacco smoothed our work process, set up procedures and straitened our reservation department. Our bookings went up with 40%, the revenue even touched the 60% increase and we have never had any double booking anymore. Thanks tot the staff of Interacco we now have a solid peace of mind.

Chulaluk Leekumjorn, Managing Director, Add Apartments Bangkok, Thailand

In the beginning we did not know how to handle the Western market. With the help of Interacco we created a profound Marketing Strategy and gained more than 70% increase of this market. Thanks guys! Without you we could have never reached this!

Pedro Rodrigues Silva, Owner & Manager Club Hotel, Ibiza, Spain

With the help of Interacco we succeeded in transforming our Housekeeping department in a smooth organisation. We have hardly any complaints anymore about hour housekeeping. Everybody knows what to do now and how to do it.  No more small islands but one big family working all together for the same goal.

They have also trained our Front-office staff in dealing with guests. Our staff knows now exactly how to  turn an unsatisfied guest in a highly satisfied (repeating) guest.

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