COVID-19 Safety requirements and audits

Covid-19 Safety requirements and Audits

In this hectic times of ongoing pandemic and uncertainty many guest accommodations are not aware of the specific approach of this issue. This process requires a thorough and detailed plan that meets all conditions. In order to be safe  to open your hotel and receive guests again many authorities require a hotel to meet the requirements as set in the procedures of the WHO and (local) governments. These requirements are set for an accommodation to be safe and contain all hygiene measures for the guests, the employees and suppliers.

Interacco will assist you in setting up this entire procedure and guide you through the process.

For a hotel to be Covid 19 proof it needs generally to follow the next 3 steps:

  • Phase 1 (Plan): the accommodation needs to develop the required security policy, security plan and security procedures
  • Phase 2 (Implement): After phase 1 has been completed the hotel needs to start with phase 2 which means a successful implementation of the required safety procedures, safety policy and safety plans.
  • Phase 3 (Improve): Completion of this phase means that the hotel can successfully maintain and improve the required safety procedures and policies. This requires an audit to test all measures which are implemented and advise if any improvement is needed.

Interacco can help you set up this entire process which means set up the security plan, policy and procedures and implement these in your hotel. Or, if you already have them implemented we can perform an audit and report if this is done correctly and where it can be improved. We conduct an independent and guest-oriented investigation into the operation of your policy with regard to the Covid-19 rules.

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